Yellow mesh jogger

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High quality women's mesh jogger: style, functionality and comfort for your workouts

100% polyester mesh

they are the perfect choice for those looking for practicality and versatility. The side snaps make these trousers unique, allowing you to wear them open to highlight your personal style

The back and side pockets are well placed. These pockets allow you to carry essentials like keys and phone, without compromising the fit or comfort of the pants.

The drawstring waist adds a touch of customization and practicality to our joggers. You can adjust the waist width to your preference, ensuring a tailored fit that fits your body perfectly.

Each pair of joggers has been garment dyed, this type of dye gives it a unique and distinctive look but above all a long-lasting color, keeping the colors bright and intense even after numerous washes.

R3bel women's mesh joggers are made with high-quality fabrics that offer comfort and breathability. Breathable mesh keeps you cool and dry during exercise or on hot days, allowing you to focus on your performance without distractions.

Explore our collection of women's mesh joggers and discover the different colors available. We're sure you'll find the pair of joggers that reflects your bold personality and makes you feel confident at all times.

Garment dyed product: wash separately