R3bel was born from the idea of ​​making our body free to move without constraints. The body is our primordial home, the place where we will be forced to live our whole life. Often, we force him into patterns linked to a sedentary lifestyle. The idea behind our brand is to rebel against staticity , against too much time spent in front of a desk or in front of the TV or in the car.


r3bel technology innovation

Textile engineering that combines technical and advanced Made in Italy.

Design, yarns, applications, latest generation taping , all rigorously Made in Italy , starting from the second skin, up to the second layer to take care of our physical well-being, to achieve and go beyond our goals, setting ever wider, supported limits from clothing and accessories that reflect our desire to do.

R3 BEL is synonymous with lifestyle from free time to sport, from wellness to fitness, from holistic disciplines to meditation. Respecting 3, the number of movement, it combines functionality, performance and comfort , allowing everyone to feel free and at ease from head to toe.


r3bel made in Italy

Where ideas are born

The company was born from Umbria, one of the most beautiful and historic regions in Italy... a region that inspires a way of life very close to nature, also through the way of exercising. There is nothing more beautiful than the harmony linked to natural movements because they are the ones that make us stronger. Legs jumping, arms swinging, shoulders moving. It's the way nature designed us, free to move.

Our Mission: to create, clothing and accessories, trends and technologies to move in complete freedom... Active Wear for Active People.

Mission R3bel