Shiny purple candy jogger

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Our women's joggers are characterized by a shiny fabric that gives a touch of elegance and refinement to your fitness look. This material offers a bright and shiny appearance.

100% Polyester

The colors change, creating a chromatic effect that changes slightly depending on the angle of the light. This distinctive detail gives a dynamic look to the trousers, adding a touch of originality to your active fit style.

The elastic waistband of our joggers ensures a comfortable fit. This feature allows the pants to stay in place without slipping during movement, giving you freedom and comfort during your workout

The side pockets are deep and functional, giving you convenient access to small personal items

The oversized fit gives a casual and relaxed look. This loose, comfortable fit offers an alternative to the traditional fit, allowing you to express your unique, bold, be fit style.

The high waist of our joggers offers extra support and accentuates your figure. This feature allows you to wear the trousers giving you the certainty of obtaining a slim figure, a unique jogger for a unique "better me".!

Explore the collection of women's joggers and tracksuits on our website and discover the variety of colors and models available. We are sure that you will find the pair of joggers that will allow you to express your fitness and active style.