Royal and white Cut-out sweatshirt

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This cut out sweatshirt is the ideal choice for women who want a versatile and comfortable garment. Made of pure cotton, it offers a feeling of softness and breathability during physical activity and free time

100% Cotton

Its unique design features a sweetheart neckline on the shoulders, which gives a touch of femininity and style to the garment. The cuffs and edges feature a contrasting color, which adds an eye-catching and dynamic detail.

The contrasting logo is a distinctive sign of the R3BEL brand, which gives authenticity and originality to the garment.

By wearing the sweatshirt, you will be able to experience the perfect combination of comfort and style while dedicating yourself to various disciplines such as fitness, pilates or yoga. Its body fit design guarantees you the freedom of movement necessary for optimal performance during training.

Choose the sweatshirt for a borderless Active experience, because we believe that every step towards your well-being brings you closer to a better version of yourself.

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